We are passionate about selecting the perfect spectacles for you and that’s why we’ve always done things a little differently. Your eyewear is not only an investment, but an extension of you and your personality so we want you to look your best, see your best and feel great wearing it.

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We are passionate about eyewear and take a great deal of pride in our frame ranges and the precision we put into lens selection, measurements and spectacle fitting. All our frames are chosen for their quality and vary from high fashion brands such as Chanel, to small artisan designers such as Etnia Barcelona, to sustainable British manufacturer Coral Eyewear, to lightweight titanium frames from Austrian brand Silhouette, naming but a few.

After your eye examination, we will discuss your eyewear needs based on your prescription and your lifestyle and outline the benefits and limitations of different lens types. For example, if you need varifocals but spend a lot of time at a screen, you may benefit from a multifocal lens with a larger intermediate area of vision or an “office” lens. Similarly, if you are an enthusiastic golfer but struggle to track the ball, there are special filters that enhance contrast on the golf course, irrespective of whether you require a prescription. There are so many fantastic lenses available now that almost any area of corrective vision can be improved.

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Lens quality is vital to optimise vision and the latest technology is not just for the clinical examination. Our “DNEye” machine can analyse most eyes for small imperfections in the clear structures known as aberrations which can now be corrected with bespoke lenses.

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Now comes the fun part! We ask about your favourite colours and what kind of palette you steer towards. Are there any shapes you fancy trying on? Don’t worry if you’re not sure, we have been putting frames on faces for such a long time we know what will work. Sometimes telling us what you don’t like is just as useful as what you do! We will be honest with you, if you absolutely love a frame but it doesn’t fit your nose particularly well, we will tell you. We don’t want you to have uncomfortable frames and we can’t adjust every element. That’s not to say you can’t have them, we just like everyone to make informed choices. We are always mindful that most people only replace their eyewear on average every two years, that’s a lot of occasions, seasons, and outfits that they really need to work with so it’s so important to get it right.

The better a frame fits then the better the vision will be. The degree of accuracy that some of our lenses are measured and manufactured to, include an element of “position of wear” and tweaks to the prescription are made to compensate for any asymmetries of the face, so the fitting is crucial to achieving the best vision.

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We want you to enjoy yourself, feel like you have your own personal shopper, and be happy that you know you are choosing the best frames to compliment your looks. We recognize that our patients are individuals; some seek a bold and striking look, while others prefer a more understated appearance. We will work with you to achieve what you are looking for.

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