Eye examinations cover a wide range of tests and checks designed to provide a complete picture of your eye health.

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Eye Examinations

An eye examination with us is much more than just a sight test; it’s a vital health check that unveils insights into both your ocular health and general overall well-being.

Of course, accurately measuring and advising you on the best ways to optimise your eyesight is extremely important but, even if you have great vision, regular eye examinations are essential.

Many eye conditions manifest without symptoms until they reach an advanced stage, so identifying and addressing them early reduces the risk of future problems.

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"I have never had such a thorough eye examination. The technology was amazing, nothing was rushed and everything was explained in an easy to understand way.”

What To Expect During An Eye Examination

We begin with a comprehensive history, covering your reasons for the examination, eyesight changes, hearing, general health, medications, allergies, headaches, ocular history, family history, occupation, lifestyle, and more. This detailed information helps to assess your needs and risk factors, and to tailor our examination to your specific needs.

The sight testing segment involves a series of procedures to determine your refraction and how your eyes work together, enabling us to ascertain your optimal spectacle or contact lens prescription.

The ocular health checks involve a meticulous examination using a high-powered microscope, digital lens imaging, pupil response evaluation, eye muscle coordination, and advanced scans like OCT and Optomap for a detailed analysis of your eye structures.

Additional investigations may follow, such as eye pressure measurements, visual fields or gonioscopy. Once all the procedures are complete, we provide a detailed explanation of our findings, how we can optimise your vision, address any concerns about eye health, and recommend suitable actions.

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Most people have eye examinations every two years, but your Optometrist may recommend more frequent eye tests depending on your individual health and age. 

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