Because hearing loss is so gradual, it’s not always easy to notice if you’re not hearing as well as you used to. Call to arrange a hearing test today.

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Taking Care of Your Hearing

If you are over 50, it’s important to have regular hearing tests to check how well you can hear. This simple test could save you from the frustration and inconvenience of hearing loss, with our experienced audiologists on hand to help you find the right hearing aids if needed.

Using the latest technology, we carry out a thorough assessment of your hearing, before advising on the best solutions to help you adapt to hearing loss – all with the same personalised service and professional care that you receive when visiting Coe & Coe for an eye examination. Contact us to arrange a hearing test.

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What Does a Hearing Test Cover?

During a hearing test, an audiologist will check how well you hear to establish whether you are suffering from hearing loss and if hearing aids are required. You will listen to sounds at different pitches to test your ears, and we will also use a camera to examine the health of your ear canals and ear drums.

If hearing aids are needed, we will discuss the options with you, and take a mould of your ear canal to ensure the hearing aid fits properly. After you have worn your hearing aids for four weeks, we will invite you back for an aftercare appointment to check how you are getting on and fine-tune your aids if required.

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It’s very critical to keep an eye on your hearing and the health of your ears, to ensure everything is working as it should do, especially for those over 50.

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